Ireland's Internet DayIreland’s Internet Day is an initiative of the IE Domain Registry, aimed at encouraging online business in Ireland.

As the website explains:

The internet is evolving at a startling speed and creating some of the biggest businesses and wealthiest people in history.

Internet technologies like e-commerce have the power to massively increase the presence of Irish businesses on the world stage. SMEs in all four provinces are boosting their revenues and reaching out to thousands of new customers by selling online. What’s more, home-grown ‘e-businesses’ are disrupting traditional industries and making our lives infinitely more convenient.

Ireland’s Internet Day puts these advancements in focus by exploring how digital tools, strategies and minds are creating some of Ireland and the world’s most innovative and disruptive businesses, and what SMEs here need to do to increase their presence online, boost revenues and go global.

Ireland’s Internet Day is on Thursday 27 October from 8:30am to 2:30pm, at The Mansion House in Dublin. Tickets are on sale now.  To get 25% off, use the discount code BLKNGHT. Tickets include coffee & tea on arrival, mid-morning tea, coffee and pastries, and networking lunch.

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