Have you ever wanted to register a .IE domain name, but couldn’t be bothered to justify why you wanted it?

Got an idea, but it’s hard to explain?

Tired of waiting for manual approval of your application, when other domain registries let you complete your registration with a couple of clicks?

The good news is that, from today, it’s easier than ever to register a domain name in Ireland’s national domain. The old requirement that registrants show a ‘claim-to-the-name’ has been abolished. Now all that is required is to have a connection to Ireland.

The connection is easily verified using a variety of documentation, depending on whether you are a person or a company. What’s more, you only have to demonstrate it once, so if you’ve previously registered a .IE domain name, we can just wave you through.

But that’s not all. To celebrate, we’ve slashed the price on .IE domain names to an irresistible €5.99 ex VAT for the first year*.

There’s never been a better opportunity to register .IE domain names, and with less than 250,000 .IE names registered, it’s fertile ground for some creative, meaningful and attractive website names.

Here are a few tips if you want to make the most of the .IE opportunity:

1. Don’t steal someone else’s trademark or intellectual property

Sure, there are no questions asked at the registration stage, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get away with infringing someone else’s legitimate rights. Complainants have access to a robust dispute resolution procedure, as well as the courts. Plus: it’s bad karma. Be nice!

2. Don’t be shy

Be aware that there are lots of generic words and phrases that are not trademarks, and that you may have as much right to register as anyone else. bluecheese.ie, rollerblades.ie, yummyburgers.ie – names like these are fair game: first-come, first-served.

3. Have fun!

Try a little wordplay. The .IE ending offers some playful possibilities, as already evidenced by sites like beaut.ie, and culch.ie. In the past, you might have needed to register a business name with the Companies Registration Office, to establish a justification for registering a name like that. Now, once you have a connection to Ireland, the only question is: “is it available?”

4. Got a Nickname?

Under the old regime, it was possible to register a personal name, using documents like passports and driving licences to establish your claim. But this caused a problem for people who wanted to register nicknames they were known by. Now the only question is: “is it available?”

5. Privacy

While you will be required to supply contact information in order to register a .IE domain (and to demonstrate your Irish connection), the IE Domain Registry operates a restricted Whois policy which ensures that only a limited amount of information about domain registrants is publicly available. This includes a contact name, but does not include your address or telephone number.

6. Trust Signals

If you’re registering a domain name, consider adding a Digital Security Certificate (SSL Certificate). Google gives priority to sites with SSL certificates, and modern web browsers flag sites as either secure (green) or unsecure (red). Find out more about digital certificates.

An example of a Digital Security Certificate

An example of a Digital Security Certificate

7. Wear it with pride!

Remember that a .IE domain name is seen as a badge of quality and trust. It tells your customers that you are Irish, or trading in Ireland. It is a sign that you care about your brand and your reputation. Use your .IE domain name on your stationery and signage. Put it on your vehicles and give it out over the phone. Choose a name that’s easy to say, to spell, and to remember. There’s plenty of choice available in .IE. Good luck!

* Price excludes VAT and applies to the first year only of a new .IE domain name, or one which is being transferred to Blacknight from another registrar. Domain will renew at the normal price (currently €24.99) after the first year. There is a limit of 50 IE domain names at this price per client account. If you desire bulk discounts of IE domain names please contact our sales team.

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