Did you know that Guaranteed Irish has been on the go since 1974? Now it’s more important than ever.

Irish products and services offer excellent value for consumers, but their benefits also ripple out into the communities we live in. As the pandemic drives an increase in online spending, awareness has risen of the importance of supporting Irish companies and jobs.

A symbol of quality

Blacknight is Irish owned and managed, founded in Carlow in 2003 and trading all over the world. In 2018 we signed up for the Guaranteed Irish stamp of approval.

“Guaranteed Irish is an essential mark for us”, Michele said at the time.

“Irishness has always been an important hallmark of our brand. Ireland is a symbol of quality in the Internet industry, whether it is because of the leading role played by Irish technology pioneers, or the success of multinationals who have made their homes here, or the assurance of EU data-protection legislation. And as an indigenous Irish SME which has built its business organically, our message to customers is that we understand Irish business, and we can help”.

Now we’ve taken that a step further. Blacknight is the sponsor of The Guaranteed Irish Business Podcast, a weekly chat with Irish business leaders, hosted by Brid O’Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish.

It’s about trust

Guaranteed Irish is about more than jobs. It’s about trust. It’s about quality, and hope for the future. The trials of the past six months have highlighted the importance of cooperation and solidarity. It’s also been something of a boom for podcasts, live streaming and digital media. Unfortunately, trolling, manipulation and fake news are widespread as well.

Now more than ever, it’s important to support truth and integrity in the media. Blacknight is committed to promoting responsible communication, and sharing the stories of people who do an honest day’s work. We’re not engaged in clickbait or sensationalism. Instead we offer the assurance that we stand over what we say, and we support others who are making positive contributions in the community.

As well as sponsoring The Guaranteed Irish Business Podcast, we also produce The Lock-In Podcast, a weekly conversation about how our society is coping with the challenges posed by Coronavirus.

We will shortly relaunch The Blacknight Podcast, which will offer regular news about the internet industry.

You can follow Blacknight on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Boards.ie. And, of course, there’s Blacknight.blog and our media clippings and announcements at Blacknight.press.

Talk to you soon!

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