The holiday shopping season is almost here, and you need to have a strategy ready to go. With Ireland in lock-down for the next few weeks, online ordering has never been more important. As a small business selling online, you need to have a plan. One element of that should be a .CHRISTMAS domain name.

For a limited time from November 9th 2020 to December 7th 2020, you can secure a .CHRISTMAS domain for just €5.99 for the 1st year excluding VAT. This is a phenomenal deal as they’re usually €59.99 per year ex VAT.

In a year that’s already been full of surprises for commerce, it’s remarkable to think that the holiday shopping season is already here. With the “new normal” from COVID still taking shape, only one thing is certain: businesses and consumers alike are getting prepared for Christmas, and you should be too.

6 Reasons Why You Want .CHRISTMAS

1. Create a virtual Christmas Card

You can do like Blacknight does and create a virtual Christmas card that you can send to your customers and vendors. We usually create a new one each year, and it’s a lot of fun. Check out ours at

2. Create a Special Promotion

You can create a special landing page or mini-site that promotes specific offers for Christmas – or showcase a line of Christmas products. It’s easy to spin up with a tool like siteBuilder or shopBuilder from Blacknight.

3. Share your Christmas Plan

Everyone needs a plan to get through the holiday season, and that includes businesses. So, you can create a simple one-page website that shows your Christmas holiday hours and how to get in touch. We’ve done the same at

4. Wide Recognition with consumers

In most Western nations, Christmas is a big a major part of the year, something that we all look forward to and that the economy is based around. Having a .CHRISTMAS domain shows you’re ready for it.

5. Can be switched off and forwarded after

You can easily switch off a .CHRISTMAS domain or website when the holidays are over or redirect it back to your non-Christmas website. Then spool it back up again the next year.

6. Help with your SEO

Having a .CHRISTMAS domain will help with your search engine optimisation by associating your brand with Christmas, so when people are searching for you and Christmas related things, they will find you easily.

For a great example of a .CHRISTMAS themed website, check out Blacknight’s right here. You can build something similar in very little time by using our siteBuilder product or spooling up a WordPress install on one of our many hosting packages. We can also set something up for you starting at €229; get in touch with our sales team to discuss what you need!


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