The holiday sales are fast approaching and you need to have a strategy ready to go. One element of that should be a .BLACKFRIDAY domain name.

For a limited time from October 12th 2020 to November 8th 2020, you can secure a .BLACKFRIDAY domain for just €25.99 for the 1st year excluding VAT. This is a phenomenal deal as they’re usually €119 per year ex VAT.

In a year that’s already been full of surprises for commerce, it’s remarkable to think that the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. With the “new normal” from COVID still taking shape, only one thing is certain: businesses and consumers alike are getting prepared for Black Friday and you should be too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy .BLACKFRIDAY

1. Recognition with consumers

Consumers all over the world know what Black Friday is – even outside the USA where it started. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and takes place on the last Friday in November.

2. Allows creation of something separate

.BLACKFRIDAY allows you to create a separate marketing identity for the holiday shopping season. Instead of revamping your website, you can create a microsite or just forward people to a special Black Friday page on your website. Want to showcase a special catalogue/brochure/deal for Black Friday? Throw it on a simple website and point your .BLACKFRIDAY domain to it.

3. Calls to action

You can create unique and season-specific calls to action with a .BLACKFRIDAY domain that you can use on all the marketing assets you create for the holiday season. It’s easy for consumers to remember.

4. Can be switched off and forwarded after

When your Black Friday sales are over, it’s an easy domain to switch off and forward back to your regular store. Or you can keep it up and collect marketing information for the next year. Either way, it becomes a powerful additional marketing channel for your business.

5. Help with your SEO

With a .BLACKFRIDAY domain you create an additional website to be indexed by Google and the other search engine. It also helps consumers find you quickly when they search for Black Friday sale ‘your business.’ If you have a website live for Black Friday, consumers will be more likely to find it than on a page buried on your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your .BLACKFRIDAY domain during this limited time sale for just €25.99 for the 1st year excluding VAT!


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