In partnership with UNR, we’re offering a special flash sale on new .LINK domains registrations. You can pick up a new .LINK domain for just €0.99 excluding VAT for the first year (€8.99 a year ex VAT after that). This is a very limited time deal and only available until November 30th, 2020.

UNR has also released over 8,000 single dictionary words that were previously registered but have now dropped – couple this with a €0.99 now is the perfect time to get critical keyword domain names.

.LINK has become more popular in recent years. It was most recently used by the Joe Biden 2020 Election Campaign who used for their short links they shared on social media. Now you can do something similar with a great price and a great selection of rare single keyword domains.

Here are 5 Reasons to Register .LINK TODAY!

Perfect for a URL Shortener – Need to create a brand URL shortener? Then .LINK is perfect for it. With many short words and key strings available, you can create a short branded URL easily.

Use it for Branding – Branding is so important, and sometimes it’s the little things that help create an overall successful brand picture. Using a .LINK with your brand when you share links is another small tool in your branding arsenal.

Use it for Social Media – Sharing links on social media is critical to marketing success. Especially somewhere like Instagram where you can only share one link in your profile – make that one link a yourbrand.LINK to a special landing page with your important links (using Linktree or similar tools).

Great Keyword Availability – With only over 140,000 domains registered, .LINK has wide availability for short keywords, brand keywords and special combinations you need for your links to work. If you need the .LINK, chances are it’s available.

International Recognition – Links are the currency of the internet and everyone, no matter what language they speak, knows what a link is. With a .LINK you connect right into the global internet consciousness.

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The €0.99 promo ends on Monday, November 30th, 2020, so get your order in soon!

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