Cloud. It’s been the buzzword du jour for a couple of years now. Everyone wants “cloud”, or so they’re led to believe.

And there are a lot of different services out there that are marketed as cloud services.

But what exactly is a cloud platform that you really want?

How can you combine the technology with ease of use?

If you look at a lot of the cloud solutions out there at the moment you need to be technical and highly skilled in order to make full use of them. While having skilled people managing your environment for you probably isn’t a bad thing, there’s a reason a lot of hardcore geeks use MacBooks. They don’t want to waste time or energy messing about under the hood. Do they know how to? Of course they do, they just choose not to.

Today we’ve announced the launch of our Jelastic PAAS (Platform as a service).

We’re calling it the next generation of cloud and if you take it for a free test drive you’ll see why.

Want to deploy a Node.js environment?

Want multiple front-end web servers talking to back end databases?

Need a load balancer?

All of these things are possible with other cloud hosting solutions, but they require a lot of messing about to configure, deploy and maintain.


With our Jelastic cloud it’s all as simple as following a few simple on screen prompts.

You can choose between a variety of development environments, a range of software versions, database architectures, etc, etc.

Essentially this is cloud hosting “a la carte”.

Watch the video below to get a “taste” of it:

Got any questions? Let us know.

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