It’s been an odd few months. That’s stating the obvious. There’s been ups and downs for everyone over the last few months and I know all too well how many businesses, both large and small, are going to be struggling.


However on our side we’re being kept busy. We aren’t immune to the impact of the current pandemic, but as we have a diverse client base we have a degree of insulation.


So we find ourselves in the position of expanding our workforce while we are all working remotely. It’s not something I’d have predicted happening back in January when we gave the green light for our office upgrade!


But I digress.


We’ve currently got two openings on our team.


One opening is with our technical support and customer service team, while the other is with our sales team.


So what’s it like working for us?


You can get a breakdown of the various things we offer over here.


At the moment, as I mentioned, we’re all working remotely, but we’ll be transitioning back to our offices in Carlow at some point in the next couple of months. Of course that’s rather fluid and depends on things outside our control.


So how do you apply?


Both vacancies are listed on here and you should submit your application there.


Our team will review all applications received after the closing date and then arrange interviews with shortlisted candidates.


NB: We do NOT use the services of recruitment agencies. If we wanted to use a recruitment agency we’d know where to find you so please don’t waste my time or yours sending me unsolicited emails or messages on LinkedIn.

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