We’ve all seen the explosion in popularity of AI (Artificial Intelligence) around the world recently. ChatGPT and many other websites are gaining millions of monthly visitors due to the growth of revolutionary technology.

Everyone has an idea for how AI can change their business or start a new business. It presents a great opportunity for businesses to improve their workflows and efficiency. It’s constantly growing so it’s important to grow with it.

It’s already become a great tool in the visual medium with tools like DALL-E or Midjourney. CopyAI, Grammarly, and similar tools are revolutionising online writing content creation. Now, even search engines like Google are applying AI directly into their search results.

Do you have an idea for a new AI service or just want to try competing with other AI services? Here’s how you can do it with Blacknight.

1. Register an SEO-Friendly Domain

Before you do any AI creation, you need to register a domain. This means that when you build a website it’ll be found online easily, and you can attach other services to build your online presence. You can register as many domains as you want and even use them to redirect people to your main website if you want.

The obvious domain extension that would attract your target market to your website is .AI. This short and memorable domain separates your website from your competitors, especially those that use a generic .COM domain name. When people search for AI related websites, your .AI domain name will immediately tell people what to expect on your website.

Alternatively, .APP is the next best thing for developers. It’s secure because you must have an SSL Certificate to register a .APP domain name (see step 4) and you can tell your website visitors that there is an app version available for the AI service.

2. Get a Professional Email

Rather than using a free email account that anyone can get, attaching your domain to an email address like contact@yourdomain.ai or marketing@yourdomain.ai builds trust and credibility with your contacts. It also makes networking a lot easier within the AI space.

3. Build Your Website

Obviously, you’ll need somewhere for your AI service to live. We have lots of different types of easy-to-use website builders and hosting packages to cater to how much storage space you’ll need, where you want it hosted, etc. Our servers are located in Ireland, so they’re protected under EU laws, and they’re monitored by our engineers for extra security.

4. Attach an SSL Certificate

This is an extra layer of security for your website. Without it, your visitors will be met with a notice saying the website is not secure. Entering an AI website without an SSL Cert raises red flags among visitors and prevents your website from gathering interested visitors. SSL Certs adds an ‘s’ to the ‘http’ element of the URL – so your URL will be ‘https://’ followed by your domain. To register a .APP domain, getting secure HTTPS is a requirement, so make sure you have that covered.

5. Create Your AI Platform

Now the fun part. Build the platform that harnesses AI and release it to the world. You can build it yourself, or you can do it the old fashion way and hire coders. There are lots of AI WordPress plugins, so you don’t even need to build the AI tool itself – you can harness the power of others into your own vision. So, get building!

Now than you have the tools to create your own AI service, there’s no stopping you. Get started today with Blacknight!

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