Eurid, which is the registry in charge of the .eu domain, contacted all their registrars, including us, earlier today to announce a major change to the way they handle DNS updates.
At present .eu DNS servers update 5 times a day.
From 12 on October 9th the DNS will move to dynamic updates ie. changes will be instant.
This also means that the time lapse between a registration or change will be a lot faster (bearing in mind the distributed nature of DNS etc.,)
The announcement text is below for reference purposes:

The switch to dynamic updates, announced earlier this year, will be taking place on Tuesday 9 October at 12:00PM Belgian time. At that moment, .eu DNS servers will cease to update 5 times a day and begin updating instantaneously in response to changes as they occur. Please be sure to inform your customers of the change as this will affect certain services (e.g. website and email) since domain names will become active as soon as they are registered. We also remind everyone that while it is currently possible to correct any mistakes you have unintentionally made before the next scheduled update takes place, any mistakes made after dynamic updates have been implemented will be effective immediately. Conversely, any unintentional mistakes can be corrected immediately as well.

Most of the main domain registries use a similar system, so there won’t be any tangible impact on the way things work, apart from them working faster!
If anyone has any queries let us know

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