Entries are open now for the 2021 .EU Web Awards.

Launched in 2014, The .EU Web Awards are an online competition designed to acknowledge the best .eu, .ею or .ευ websites in five dynamic categories. Over the years the .eu web Awards has enhanced the visibility of hundreds of creative and impactful .eu websites from all over Europe.

Why participate?

  • Win a 2-3 month billboard advertising campaign in Brussels Airport
  • The .eu Web Awards are free and all-inclusive: no fees required, from nomination to the big win!
  • Finalists invited to a prestigious .eu Web Awards Gala dinner.

The nomination and voting process

  • The nomination and voting period runs from 15 April until 5 August 2021, at webawards.eurid.eu
  • Each nominated website will be briefly evaluated and contacted before being published as a Nominee.
  • Once nominated, the public will have a vote. Website holders are encouraged to spread the word through their social media platforms in order to gather as many votes as possible!
  • The 3 websites under each category with the most votes will be the 2021 .EU Web Awards Finalists.
  • The Finalists will be revealed on 16 August 2021.

The categories

  • The LEADERS (The website represents an established national business that is currently in operation and possesses multiple years of industry experience, more than 10 employees and a stable yet growing customer base.)
  • The RISING STARS (The website represents a start-up company that is in a process of development and finding its niche in the marketplace in addition to having no more than 3 years of industry experience and less than 10 employees.)
  • The LAURELS (The website represents an institution such as a school, a training program, a charitable organization etc., promoting ongoing education and pan-European projects).
  • The HOUSE of .eu (The website, or blog, represents companies or private persons in the news, media or entertainment industry such as news portals and advertisement agencies).
  • The BETTER WORLD (If the website encourages green initiatives and distributes ecological information with regard to environmental protection as well as the promotion of green projects and environmentally friendly businesses. This category includes non-exhaustive examples such as eHealth, Smart Cities, Intelligent Transport solutions, or Smart Agriculture).
  • The BEST OF .ею or .ευ category: Where the website represents a company, organisation, institution or similar and uses a .ею or .ευ extension.

Selection of the winners and the prizes

Finalists with the highest scores from the jury will be selected as winners to be announced during the Awards ceremony.

The five winners will receive the following:

  • A 2-3 month billboard advertising campaign in Brussels Airport
  • A personalized .eu, .ею pr .ευ Web Awards trophy
  • A customized video produced by EURid will be provided to the winners for promotional purposes
  • Three different digital .EU Web Awards icons

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