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IENUM Ltd, which runs Enum in Ireland, is organising a “user day” at the end of this month.
Although we don’t have the details as yet I thought I’d give people plenty of advance warning.
Enum is one of those technologies that *might* become important in the next couple of years, though it might not.
What is it?
ENUM stands for Electronic NUmber Mapping. A protocol developed by the IETF and detailed in RFC 3761 (, ENUM provides a means to map telephone numbers to domain names enabling the identification of a variety of services such as VoIP, fax and email available at that telephone number. ENUM is being heralded as the means to interconnect the PSTN and Internet worlds.
Ireland’s Enum trials were carried out last year and were deemed successful. Commercial service commenced earlier this year.
For more information please visit the Irish Enum site.
(Disclosure: I sit on the Enum 353 Policy Advisory Board)

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