Solar-Eclipse-350Ireland is experiencing a partial solar eclipse this morning, which will reach its peak at about 09:30 am. Here at Blacknight our amateur astronomers have set up a webcam, together with a telescope and filters and we’re anxiously peering at a cloudy sky …

As ever in Ireland, it could all change in an instant, and we may yet get a glimpse of this rare astronomical event. There won’t be another partial eclipse visible from Ireland until 2026, and the next full eclipse is predicted for 2090.

If you do find yourself under a clear sky this morning, remember that you should never look directly at the sun. Here’s a good video from which shows how to make a pinhole camera to safely view the event.

Easier still, check it out online. Our webcam is at

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Bonus: Listen to Alan and Conn discuss the Blacknight Eclipse Watch on the podcast.


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