While I missed the first half of Dragon’s Den (Irish edition) this evening, I was following the chatter on twitter

It’s 2009, so most of the entrants have a web presence of some kind.

Unfortunately, from what I was able to see, a lot of them experienced issues with their websites both during and shortly after the programme aired.

I’ve no idea how many people watch TV with a laptop close by, but judging by the level of activity on twiiter (the #ddire tag becoming one of the most popular this evening) there was a lot of interest.

It doesn’t matter who you host your website with, but if you don’t do some advance preparation a sudden spike in traffic can take you offline.

So here’s a small bit of free advice for anyone going on Dragon’s Den.

Talk to your web developers.

Talk to your hosting provider.

Maybe you need to move your website to a beefier machine.

Maybe you need to tweak your website’s code to improve responsiveness.

Maybe you need to invest a little bit more in hosting.

Even if the Dragons don’t decide to invest in your business idea those few minutes on primetime national TV are worth their weight in gold. If your website is slow or “dead” then you’re losing possibly your best chance at “getting your name out there”.

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