Share your thoughts and news (and save money) with a .BLOG!

Many businesses prefer to have a blog on a website that’s separate from their e-commerce website (like us). This makes it easier for customers to find the blog and also focus on their shopping. Those without a business that just have something to say can easily direct readers to their blog with this domain. We now have a massive discount on this domain as first-year registrations were €24.99, and are now only €4.99 (prices exclude VAT).

Top 5 reasons to register .BLOG:

  1. It tells people exactly what the website is about
  2. It’s easy to remember
  3. It makes your blog stand out over generic .COM or .IE websites, and ranks better on search engines as a result
  4. You can use your .BLOG to link back to a different website
  5. A handy alternative to and saves space in the domain name

A blog is a story-telling platform designed for people to journal their thoughts for the internet to read. Blogs have the power of starting a conversation and getting others involved in your passion. Not only that, but it’s a great way for businesses to share a behind-the-scenes look in order to add a personality to the organisation. It’s better than a simple ‘News’ website as it allows authors to write beyond the main points of the story. Have an opinion you’d like to share with the world? .BLOG gives you the freedom to have your voice heard online. Grab the attention of like-minded people and build a following of regular readers.

When you’ve put this domain in your cart, you can then add a year of hosting or site-builder for a discounted price. This means you get a website plus a domain for less than the cost of buying them separately (terms and conditions apply). If you want people to contact an email address dedicated to the blog similar to how you can ‘write to the editor’ of a newspaper, grab the email address with our new and easy-to-use Titan email.

Have a look at,, and for inspiration, and to see how these businesses used their .BLOG domain to their advantage. Oh hey, did you notice, you’re reading a blog on a .BLOG?

Can’t think of your own?
The following domains are available today for you to take:


So, try one of the domain names above, or see if is available below. Get your domain now and save big as .BLOG is only €4.99 for first-year registrations (excluding VAT) until the end of the year!

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