Reach a wider audience with .EU!

Ever wanted to grow your client list and have orders coming in from abroad? .EU is the perfect tool to do so.

Top 5 reasons to register .EU:

  1. Your gateway to the largest single market in the world
  2. It’s safe and secure
  3. Alternative to a single ccTLD like .IE or .FR
  4. So easy to remember
  5. Increase your visibility via the .EU Web Awards

The EU (European Union) is made up of 27 countries and was created after World War Two to improve the economy. It’s a single market where most goods, services, money and people can move freely. This means that while you’re selling to one country, it’s equally as easy to sell to the other 26. The .EU domain follows the ISO 27001 security standard which ensures that customer and employee data is stored securely and complies with legal requirements such as GDPR. Something unique about owning this domain is that all .EU websites can be entered into an international competition called the EU Web Awards, where the prizes (yes, plural) include a marketing campaign for a budget of €5,000, and more!

In order to register a .EU domain you must be a citizen or a resident of one the 27 countries that make up the European Union, a company that has a registered office in the European Union, or a business established in the European Union. This also applies to members of the EEA (European Economic Area), which are Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. Due to Brexit, registrants in the UK cannot register a .EU domain. If you fit the criteria of registering the domain, we will contact you with details on the verification process. If you want more information, you can give us a call. Remember, when you get a domain with us, you’ve taken the first step in building an online presence – You can then create a website and make a custom professional email.

Have a look at,, and for inspiration, and to see how these businesses used their .EU domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?
The following domains are available today for you to take:


So, try one of the domain names above, or see if is available below. Psst, don’t forget, you can also get a free .EU domain!

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