Attract your target audience to your IT website with a .COMPUTER domain.

Bet you didn’t know this domain existed! It’s so convenient in telling people what they can expect from your website, which results in the weeding out of non-engaging visitors.

Top 5 reasons to register .COMPUTER:

  1. Your website will stand out from competitors.
  2. It’s a good alternative to .COM if your .COM domain name has already been registered by someone else.
  3. It’s a useful domain for blogs as it shows the industry you’re in.
  4. You can show off your expertise.
  5. It’s generally understood worldwide.

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Wednesday the 30th of November was Computer Security Day. Is your computer secure? Make sure to get anti-virus protection and backup your data, then add some security to your website with an SSL Cert.

Have a look at, and for inspiration, and see how these businesses used their .COMPUTER domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?

The following domains are available today for you to take:


So, try one of the domain names above, or see if is available to register below.

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