Sell in no time with .STORE.

If you have a .SHOP domain, make sure to prevent competitors and impersonators from trying to copy your website and services by registering a .STORE domain. Although ‘store’ is more of an American term, it’s understood worldwide as having the same meaning as ‘shop’. It’s perfect for a pop-up shop, second-hand shop, or for any kind of e-commerce shop. At the same time, it can also be used as the verb ‘to store’, meaning to leave in a location for future use. Storage facilities and furniture sellers can benefit from registering this convenient domain.

Top 5 reasons to register .STORE:

  1. It’s recognised worldwide
  2. You can sell products on a site with this domain, and separate it from your main website
  3. It applies to all industries
  4. It helps your website stand out from competitors
  5. It’s memorable and aids in recall

Rather than creating a whole website from scratch and spending hours trying to build it bit-by-bit, you can get a head start with our shopBuilder. It’s a one-page shop that’s so simple to set up and either sell from there, or attach it to your website. An online shop is ideal in a post-COVID world in order to reach people worldwide and maximise profits as many people now prefer to shop from their phone or computer rather than going to the physical shop. Our shopBuilder even integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram so you can market your products and services with ease. Start today at

Have a look at, and for inspiration, and see how these businesses used their .STORE domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?

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