Bring in new clients with .CONSULTING.

It’s so easy to tell your current and potential customers exactly what you do with this domain. Anyone searching for a consultation company online by typing ‘consulting’ into Google could see your website high in the search rankings. This is because the word in your website is an exact match of one of the words in the search bar. Google recognises this match and pushes the website above other results that are less relevant. You could boost it even higher by using some key words in the description of the website that are SEO-friendly. These words could include ‘Ireland’ (or whatever country you’re operating in), ‘fast’, and ‘help’. Getting this domain is the first step in building an online presence. Consultation agencies of all sizes and freelancers can then set up a quick and easy website that’s tailored to the target market. We’ve got loads more info on this unique domain right here.

Top 5 reasons to register .CONSULTING:

  1. It applies to consulting companies in any and every industry
  2. It makes your website stand out over generic .COM or .IE websites
  3. It’s easy to remember
  4. It’s SEO friendly
  5. It immediately tells people what your website is about

With a .CONSULTING domain, you can add some professional email addresses such as and This keeps the emails to each department (such as separate from inboxes where people want more information, resulting in a more organised business. People also trust email addresses like this as they’re tailored to the business and aren’t generic Gmail or Hotmail accounts. Hackers find it more difficult to trick people by posing as a particular business because the business has a professional email address.

Have a look at,, and for inspiration, and to see how these businesses used their .CONSULTING domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?
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