creative camp Kilkenny
Over the past year or so we’ve sponsored most of the BarCamp events throughout Ireland. Whether they’re in Cork or Galway, Dublin or Belfast, here at Blacknight we’ve done our best to get involved and offer our support where possible.
A few months ago Kilkenny played host to Podcamp, which was essentially a podcasting celebration of sorts (I really don’t like the term “unconference”). This time round the organisers have opted to call their event “creative camp” as opposed to barcamp.
Since it’s “only over the road” in Kilkenny, which is about twenty minutes in a “normal” car (our last trip to Kilkenny didn’t work out too well!)
So what are we sponsoring?
Apart from the usual hosting and domain related stuff, we’re also helping to offset the carbon footprint of the day’s events!

Doesn’t that sound complicated and cool?
Don’t be fooled!
We’re basically paying to have a number of trees planted to offset the carbon emissions that people’s cars (and public transport) will generate in getting to the venue.
As it’s so close to our own offices I’d expect a couple of us to make the trip over to Kilkenny for the day!

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