The national registry for .IE domain names has reported that a total of 706 Christmas-themed domains were registered on the .IE database. Of those, 130 were registered as new domains this year. This means that Christmas-themed businesses understand the importance of building their online presence now more than ever.

It’s quite clear that because of the lockdowns and closure of physical shops imposed by the government, it is essential for businesses to sell online. People have opted for buying their favourite products online and continue to do so, despite the easing of these restrictions.  In fact, it was found that 68% of consumers stated that they spent more online in 2020 than they did in 2019.

Many consumers are avoiding going into shops coming up to Christmas due to the increased risk of catching COVID-19 in the large crowds and busy streets. In order to buy their decorations and presents, they shop online where they have more choice.  Regardless of how you shop, as members of Guaranteed Irish, we encourage consumers to shop local this Christmas. For all your Guaranteed Irish Gifts shopping, go here. Not only that, but we also recommend giving back to the businesses that had to close during the lockdowns, in particular.  If you’re a Carlow local like us, make sure to head over to Love Carlow and support businesses in the community.

If you are doing your Christmas shop online this year, watch out for scams and shop safely.  We have a whole blog post about how to safely shop online, which we recommend reading in order to familiarise yourself with what to do and what not to do.


Want to get your own Christmas-themed .IE domain name? Just go here. You could take advantage of,,, and  All are available from the time of writing this post, so register the one you want quickly before it’s gone!


On the other hand, if you’d like a Christmas-themed domain extension, pick up .CHRISTMAS or .GIFTS.  Type or into the search bar below to see if it’s available and to get started.

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