Children Deserve a Domain and a Website

You know I’m not sure exactly sure when I asked the boss to get us a stock photography subscription. What I do know is that it has been a breath of fresh air ever since we got one. You can buy stock photography generally from 1 euro up. With a subscription this gets significantly cheaper and allows you to grab a few max resolution or vector images a day. That’s what we did.

It’s also why  I just grabbed this image and ended up captioning it. Whether we’d ever run a serious campaign promoting our website hosting and domain registration services on this premise is doubtful, but the image is fun to play with 🙂

The great thing about stock photography is that you can use it for all sorts of things. So long as you provide a disclaimer which I have, but you might not see it cus it’s rather small. We tend not to use a lot of pictures with people in them however. Sometimes, however, the right image just works. Who is this generic person and why are you using them in an advert?

A Stock Photographer Writes



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