As a leading domain registrar in Ireland and Europe, Blacknight is proud to be part of the .gay community and excited to be celebrating its second anniversary.

Since launching in 2020, .gay has created a global platform that upholds, funds, and celebrates LGBTQ+ communities, and in so doing, has created a brand culture that LGBTQ+ organisations, individuals, brands, and companies see as valuable.

They have also donated over $167,000 to GLAAD and CenterLink – two organizations working hard every day to ensure everyone has access to equal rights under the law regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The .gay domain doesn’t just fund community impact organizations; it also has unprecedented hate policies. They have a zero-tolerance policy for hate and will take any offending sites offline after verifying received reports.

Users of .gay domains range from large companies, such as Canal+ using to redirect to their LGBTQ+ channel, to individuals, such as travel bloggers The travelling couple made it to Ireland, and you can see their travels here at 

As a company, Blacknight has also always strived to be as inclusive as possible and to support LGBTQ communities everywhere. For years, Blacknight has been a sponsor and supporter of The Outing, the largest LGBT+ matchmaking festival in Europe. One of the local charities we’ve supported over the years is BeLonG To Youth Services. Blacknight is proud to highlight Ireland’s unique position as a modern leader in LGBTQ+ equality and our work with .gay is a part of that.

Join us in celebrating .gay second anniversary in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community! For a limited time you can register a new .gay domain for just €2.99, for the 1st year, excluding VAT. Click here to search for the perfect name or use the search box below.

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