On 1st January 2021 the UK completed its exit from the European Union.

Any .eu domain names that are linked to UK based registrants that had not been updated have been suspended. This means that the domain names are still registered, but they are not working so any services, such as email, websites etc., linked to the domains will have stopped working as well.

If you’re impacted you have a couple of options:

  • If you’re a citizen of an EU country (or Northern Ireland) you can request that we add the citizenship status to your domain(s).
  • If you have an address in the EU that you can use please update your domain(s) to use that address. We can assist you with this.
  • If you aren’t an EU citizen of an EU country and don’t have access to an EU address please let us know and we can discuss options

Please note:

You MUST let us know if you’ve made changes to your domain(s) to bring them into compliance. We will need to contact the .eu domain name registry to inform them and they will have to manually update your domain(s) to remove the suspension.

If you have any queries please let us know.

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