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Need more convincing?

Starting a blog for personal or business reasons can seem like a daunting experience. However, it’s a great creative outlet that allows you to connect with your audience and customers.

Creative Control

Creating your own .BLOG website allows for total creative freedom, and you’re not tied down to the rules and regulations of blog creator websites like Blogger. If you want to start your own unique blog, you’ll need a domain name (obviously, the .BLOG extension is ideal) and webhosting with WordPress (the world’s most popular content management system). You can get started from scratch with our siteBuilder to get your blog up in minutes or simply transfer your chosen .BLOG domain to your current website. Keep an eye out for our blog hosting too.

From Blogger to Entrepreneur

Some of the most popular influencers started their careers by just sitting down and writing a few blog posts about their thoughts for their readers. Let’s take entrepreneur Pippa O’Connor, for example – she launched her own blog in 2013 and has since set up her own brands as well as becoming a TV personality, all while blogging regularly. Did you know that Suzanne Jackson and Zoe Sugg began their careers the very same way?

Connect with Customers

Creating and monetising a personal blog gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and share stories, but it also allows businesses to build trust with their customers. Showing your expertise in your industry is what drives a potential customer to choose your brand over your competitor’s. If you’re a dentist, creating blog posts about how to clean your teeth correctly or how often one should change their toothbrush creates a bond between you and your readers as they build confidence in you through your posts. (Psst! Here’s an idea, grab the domain yournamethedentist.blog). Brands can also benefit by sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their factory or office, by highlighting the benefits of their products and services, and by releasing news on the latest products etc. – just take a look at Disney’s and Richard Branson’s blog.

Now There’s No Stopping You

You have a very short time to avail of this amazing opportunity. So, whether you choose to share your story or grow your business, there’s a .BLOG for everyone- even our blog uses it! Simply search for a domain in the search bar below, and you’re on your way. Have a look at our hosting plans and build your blog in just a few minutes or let us build it for you.

If you’re struggling to come up with a domain name, here are some ideas:

  • yourbusiness.blog
  • vintagefashion.blog
  • quickrepairs.blog
  • exploretheworld.blog
  • yournamemua.blog
  • howtocode.blog

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