Cases of compromised website Content Management Systems (CMS) are on the rise and Blacknight would like to remind users to update their CMS and plugins regularly.

There is nothing more Internet-embarrassing than losing control of your website and recent Content Management System breaches are a reminder of the importance of operating your online business in a secure environment.  Frequent security checks and updates to your CMS and plugins are the best way to prevent a breach as regular maintenance is just as crucial to your website and online business as your reputation.

Michele Neylon of Blacknight explains: ” It is incredibly important to maintain the integrity of your website. Educating the public on online security is one of our passions and we can’t stress enough how critical it is to maintain a secure environment. Think of your website like a car. A car needs to be serviced regularly and so does your website.”

Some systems, like WordPress offer automatic updates but others take a bit more diligence on the part of the user. It may not be glamorous to update your CMS and plugins but it pays off when you consider that the consequences of a CMS breach can include defacement, re-directs, and unwilling participation in phishing scams.

Neylon continues: “Taking proper security measures can mean the difference between an online business that thrives and one that fails. We want to see all of our local businesses thrive so we heavily encourage vigilant maintenance and updates.”

Blacknight encourage website owners to take up the regular inspection of their CMS and to diligently install updates. Creating a more secure online environment is something that can be achieved through simple preventive maintenance. Join Blacknight in stopping security breaches cold by performing regular security checks and updates.

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