Carlow, April 26th

Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions are striving to make the public aware of Domain Renewal Scams.

When the time comes to renew a domain name, registrants receive renewal notices via email from their registrar. However, an overwhelming number of domain registrants are receiving renewal requests via postal mail and email from entities with which they do not have domain names registered. These seemingly legitimate third party renewal requests come from companies previously unheard of and require credit card or bank account information.

Do not be fooled, these are Domain Renewal Scams.

Domain Renewal Scams are on the rise and with the exception of a few minor variations are similar in nature. They tend to go a little something like this: A registrant receives an email or physical letter notifying that they owe a specified amount for the renewal of domain names. The communiqué may name specific registered domains or simply refer to “your domain” and immediate payment is always requested. The easiest way to spot this scam is that the email or letter will not be from the registrar with which you keep the domains. These scams often ensnare “lower tech” users and are aimed at obtaining credit card or bank account information.

Michele Neylon of Blacknight Solutions suggests the following: “When in doubt, contact your service provider and always choose an ICANN accredited registrar. These scams prey on the tech-innocent and every time someone is burned by this kind of scam it has a horrible ripple effect in that it sours them on online dealings. When you look at the letters and emails being sent, it is totally plausible how someone would fall for it. It is important that the public feel safe and not fear the Internet.”

As these scams work on the basis that most people don’t take the time to read an entire document, Blacknight advise reading all information received regarding registered domains carefully. They also advise only renewing domain names through the accredited registrar with which the domain is registered. If in doubt, never give out personal information unless dealing with that accredited entity.

Domain Scams can be reduced and eliminated through public awareness and vigilance

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