CongRegation is back, and once again; we’re sponsoring the insightful event.


What is CongRegation?
Celebrating its 10th year, CongRegation brings people together over three days and encourages attendees to connect and reflect. The event takes place in Cong Co.Mayo and hopes to add meaning to our existence. People attend for a break away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives then discuss the annual theme with multiple people of all backgrounds. Interestingly, the only way to get a ticket is to earn it – To enter, you must provide a 600-word article based on the theme which is debated and discussed in virtual ‘huddles’ on November 26th.  This year is in-person but people also have the option to attend via Zoom. Those that attend in person can enjoy the cafes, bookshops, and creative spaces that helps promote conversations. Overall, there are nine different features of the event that are specifically designed like activities for children such as practical workshops and social events, as well as impactful speakers and guided exercises throughout the weekend.

What is the Theme?
This year’s theme is ‘Purpose‘. There are many differing variations as to what this means to each person, and so, CongRegation brings people together to discuss why we are here and our other purposes in life. The event hopes to bring meaning to people’s lives and give them a unique perspective by gathering in moderated huddles with other people. People from all over Ireland and abroad, and of all ages, come together to discuss their outlook on this theme.

What Happens During the In-Person Event?
The free event runs through a weekend of conversations, debate, and insight. People gather in four-hour moderated huddles, with each containing ten-or-less people. During these huddles, there is an ice breaker before each attendee gives a 10-minute presentation around the theme which allows for conversations, questions, and observations. It takes place in a variety of locations in Cong Village that are relaxed social spaces to encourage natural engagement with other attendees. Tea, coffee, and lunches are provided in each location as well as breaks to encourage networking.

It begins with a night of ‘Purpose Tales’ in Ashford Castle on Friday 25th November, followed by the all day ‘unconference’ on Saturday 26th. Saturday evening will see a variety of social events from a poetry open mic, sketch crawl to purpose workshops. The event will finish with a social event in Cong Woods on the Sunday of that weekend.

Founder Eoin Kennedy stated that “This is probably the most challenging topic to date”. For some people they only consider their purpose when faced with life or death situations, for others its their guiding principle while many businesses see it a central part of their culture. Debating of this topic echoes back to the early philosophers yet it remains elusive and rarely given the airing it deserves, despite its importance. Exploration of Purpose can be unsettling, highly motivating and most certainly deeply personal. As each attendee captures their thinking in the submissions in advance of the weekend in November it means they are more open to informed debate and questioning. Outside of the rich and stimulating discussions the event also forges deep and serendipitous connections, due to the informal presentation style and social locations used for the event.”

Why Does Blacknight Sponsor CongRegation?
We love CongRegation’s ethos and how it brings people together. We stand by organisations that are community-driven, and we want to promote that as much as we can. It’s also a unique event where people don’t pay to get in, and instead have a chance to use their creativity to earn a ticket. The togetherness combined with imagination and drive are what we continue to support through our sponsorships.


The event runs from the 25th to the 27th of November. Read more about what Eoin had to say about the event here, and head over to the CongRegation website for more information.

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