It’s Thanksgiving Day in North America, and while turkeys in Europe are safe for another month, there is one aspect of American life which we will be embracing enthusiastically again this year: Black Friday.

Of course we’ll do it ‘ironically’, perhaps; frowning in disapproval. It’s soulless consumerism, we’ll say. Now, what was that coupon code again?

If you are determined to resist Black Friday as a matter of principle, please read no further.

As the year draws to a close, we’ve got a bonanza of deals on domains and hosting here at Blacknight. Some are strictly seasonal, while others will last a little longer.

Let’s start with the Black Friday Bargains on domain names. All these offers are valid from tomorrow, 24 November, through to Monday 27 November.

Black Friday Domain Deals at Blacknight

Top-Level DomainNormal PriceOffer Price
Offers valid from 24 November 2017 to 27 November 2017. Prices listed are exclusive of VAT. Offer prices apply to the first year only and revert to normal pricing on renewal.


But that’s not all: we’ve got an amazing multi-year deal on four of these, namely .ONLINE.SITE.WEBSITE and .SPACE. From Friday to Monday you’ll be able to register those for five years for only €5.49*! Work it out: that’s a saving of almost €130* in the case of .ONLINE!

As always, we stress that it’s important to note that these offers apply to the first year only (or years, in the case of multi-year offers). Once the offer term is complete, the domains will renew at the full retail price which, lets face it, is still not very expensive as an investment in your brand.

As in the case of our free .COM and .IE offer (which is still in force), the idea behind these promotions is to give customers a chance to try a domain name out for size. Want to see what a domain name can do for you? At these prices, it’s a no-brainer to try one out. In fact, the full list of all our current valid offers is available to view at any time at

* all prices exclude VAT


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