Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and growing sports. It now has its own domain name extension with .BASKETBALL. This is the perfect domain for any business, organisation, or player of this very entertaining game.

Blacknight now offers the .BASKETBALL domain for just €49.99 ex vat for a 1-year registration.

The internet has become a crowded place. Even basketball is scattered. The .BASKETBALL domain brings the basketball community to one place on the internet. Get yours today!

Why register a .BASKETBALL domain?

  • It’s clear – Now you can say who you are and what you do directly in your URL. No other word describes basketball better than .BASKETBALL — it’s an intuitive digital identity for the sport.
  • It’s smart – Enjoy improved search results from the higher relevancy of having .BASKETBALL in your domain. All without harming existing search credentials. Instinctive address finding and no more guesswork between .com,, .net etc.
  • It’s easy – Simply “re-point” from your old domain to your new .BASKETBALL domain to bring your new URL into play. It’s that easy – nothing else needs changing.
  • Great names available – Since .BASKETBALL domains are new; there are a huge variety of great URLs available. In fact, there are only 332 domains in total registered in the .BASKETBALL namespace, so the possibilities are endless in finding YOUR name.

Ready to register this exciting new TLD? Then head on over to our .BASKETBALL domain page or begin your search in the handy box below.

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