One of our customers Niall Doran, reached out to us a couple of weeks back to share his thoughts and advice on working from home. Niall runs one of the worlds leading website for boxing news and information. He is currently living in the Umbria, Italy.


After reading the remote working blog from the good folks at Blacknight — I thought I might be able to offer some further insight into this, in what is in truth — both a sad and ultra dark time for the world at the moment due to Covid-19. We all have a part to play to help stop the spread of it alongside doing the recommended things.

As someone currently in self-isolation in Italy in what has become (in many ways) the world’s center for the Coronavirus pandemic, with bodies dropping and unfortunately death all around me in recent weeks, I thought this, coupled with my remote working experience might allow me to shoot one or two ideas across that might help.

While most might be coming to grips with working remotely or from home for the first time, as someone who has worked with websites & technology for nearly a decade, remotely for half of that in different countries around the world, this is nothing new to me, weirdly.

If like me you just need a wifi connection to work — I thought I’d try to chip in a few further bits to the above which are excellent, for what it’s worth.

The following are from my own meandering experience in different countries and cultures here on Earth over nearly half a decade and are only meant to be instructional, nothing more.

Ultimately, humans, like dogs (for the pet lovers out there), all have different personalities. You’ll need to find what works for you but even if a few of these help, that would be great.


Here are Niall’s Top 9 Working From Home Tips


Start your day right

The first 30 minutes you regain conscience from sleep are crucial.

You own these minutes every day and how you spend them can have a big impact on how your day goes.

Whether it be having a shower first thing, meditation or breathing exercises, whatever works for you.

Do it. Stick to it.

Try to resist the urge to check the internet, social media or emails.

Don’t worry — it will still be there 30 minutes later. It can wait.


Don’t skip breakfast

Having something to eat early on in the day is crucial for teleworking where brain power and energy will be needed throughout the day.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean any less brain waves will be expended in delivering your professional wizardry, craft, or whatever your chosen profession is.

Get some food into you as early as you can – you’ll feel much better for it as the day progresses.


The Power of Lists

You need to be accountable to yourself first and foremost. All anyone can do is control the now. You can’t work in the future as it hasn’t happened yet.

Until someone invents a time machine taking things one day at a time is all anyone can do.

You’ll know at the end of the day if you’ve got enough work done or not anyway.

You’d be surprised how many people overlook writing down a small number of basic tasks to be done for the day on a simple sheet of paper.

Yes, seemingly very granular but also highly effective.

Tick them off the list one by one as the day goes on and even if you don’t get them all done in one day — you’ll be surprised how much you’ve achieved when the day ends.

Give it a try and see what happens.


Your Environment

Just because you’re working from home shouldn’t mean that your work office, space or room should not be clean.

You will need to think clearly and having an unmade bed or unwashed dishes, food or anything else laying around where you are working — will take away from the optimal headspace one requires to attack tasks at an even pace and logically throughout the day.


Home Workouts

Look, okay, gyms being closed at the moment is not ideal. It’s killing me to be honest not to be able to hit a punch bag, do weights or run on a treadmill. It is what it is for the time being.

Even going out for a run at the moment amid the Coronavirus pandemic is not possible in many territories now.

That said, you’d be surprised how much you can get done at home. There’s always a solution and always a bright side to everything.

These workouts from Irish boxer Katie Taylor on social media are truly genius and can be done by men and women alike.

Of all ages and fitness capabilities.

Go at your own pace but the above is very creative and smart by Katie which can be used by anyone.


Watch Time Zone Differences

If you work or communicate with many different people around the world like I do you need to be mindful of watching what time it is in their country.

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you should forget this with your colleagues or friends.

Indeed, I’ve woken many people up in my time for getting the time differences wrong in the different countries I’ve been in over the years.

A quick Google search sorts this out.


Think Positive

I know, it’s hard to do right now — but you have to.

Negativity breeds more negativity and whether you need to watch a comedy on Netflix or call one of your friends to shoot the breeze, talk a little trash with them — remember to laugh every single day.

Laughing is brilliant and great for the soul.

Despite the turmoil going on in the world at present, please remain calm.


Computer Screens

Okay, if you’re going to be working on a computer screen for a long period of time at home remember to take breaks.

Give your eyes a rest.

Staring at a computer screen for too long is draining mentally and damaging to your eyesight physically.

Don’t be a maniac like me working for 24 hours straight in the past, staring at a computer screen watching analytics in live time, going without sleep or food.

Trust me, it’s not worth it, no matter how much you value or even what your perception of the concepts of success or happiness are.

The truth is, there is no perfect thing as 100% total happiness. What it really is, aside from inner peace, is actually a pursuit towards during our lifetimes while having a positive impact on humanity along the way.

The latter applies to the world now far more than ever due to the pandemic.

The former, will be different for everyone but nothing and I mean nothing, comes before your health.

Moreover, if you are going to be working on a computer screen for long periods of time and wear glasses, consider getting anti-glare on them in your next prescription.

This is only an extra ten to twenty bucks max usually and will save both the health of your eyes  — as well as allow you to be more focused and concentrated in your telework.


Be Mindful Of Yourself and Others

Look after yourself first and foremost. Do the recommended things.

If something happens to you — there’s nothing you can do for your girlfriend, wife, kids or loved ones.

Keep yourself alive. When a plane goes down they always say to put your oxygen mask on first.

We’re living in similar emergency times at the moment.

Furthermore, there’s a lot going on in the world now with the Coronavirus pandemic. Be good to one another.

Try to be mindful that some people or their relatives might be going through a tough time having had or even been killed by the virus.

Whether you’re living with your girlfriend, wife, kids, flat mates, family, friends, on your own or with whoever, try to be considerate to one another.

We’re all in this together.

For the limited time outside of the home available at the moment, whether it be dealing with a worker at a supermarket being snappy, or whatever the case is — don’t forget that everyone is a person and has stuff going on at the moment.

Whether government prime ministers, state officials, corporation CEO’s, sports stars and famous actors, their kids and families — many of the previously mentioned have tested positive for this unfortunate virus so far with some having lost their lives.

Don’t worry about the economy or money for now.

There is no economy without people, who are getting killed in their droves by the virus at the moment sadly.

The most important thing is to help your fellow humans wherever in the world you are now.

Never give way to fear or worry.



This too shall pass. It will. Keep the faith.



Thanks for sharing Niall!

If you have some advice, tips or questions we’d love to hear from you.


Ar Scáth a Chéile. We are all in this together. We can help each other.