Archive | July, 2008 logo – Not Just Another Photosharing Site

Irish technology blogger Damien Mulley has organised an interesting initiative called the Tuesday Push. The idea being to put the spotlight on cool startups and services in a co-ordinated fashion. This week’s “target” is photo sharing site which just happens to be a client of ours. So what do they do exactly? In their […]

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Movable Type – Which License For Me?

Up until a few short months ago Movable Type, which is my preferred blogging platform, was not open source. While there was a free personal license if you made commercial use of the software you were honour bound to get a commercial license of some kind. Since then MovableType has launched an open source project, […]

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Dotmobi Transfers Now Available

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally enabled dotmobi (.mobi) transfers. If you have a .mobi domain registered elsewhere you can transfer it to us for the low cost of € 10 (ex-vat). Similar to .com and many other domain extensions, .mobi uses the EPP system, so you will need to ensure that you have […]

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Sixy – Directory of ipv6 Enabled Sites

If your site is accessible over ipv6 or you simply want to find other ipv6 enabled sites then a new web directory called Sixy might be of interest. Unlike a lot of more traditional directories Sixy uses tags to categorise sites and as a site owner you can specify which ones you’d like associated with […]

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Watch Your Mouth!

TJ McIntyre posted earlier this week about a courtcase in Dublin involving abusive activity on Bebo. TJ goes into some detail about the case and how the court was able to apply pre-existing legislation to a new medium. He also goes onto add a word of warning which many legislators should heed: But any extension […]

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