barcamp cork - nerd noodles

Pre-Barcamp Cork Food

Pat Phelan and Alexia Golez are organising a pre-BarCamp Cork dinner on Friday 31st October in Bangkok93/Taste of Thailand on Bridge St. You can find out more and signup via Pat’s blog (places ARE limited) If you are thinking of heading to BarCamp Cork, or are still undecided Sabrina has done a roundup of events […]

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telnic iphone application

Get Ready For .tel

Telnic, the people who are running the .tel name space, have just announced the launch of their developer area. The .tel domain, which I mentioned a while back, is going to bring some radical changes to the way business and individuals interact (if it takes off). If you want to get an idea of what […]

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barcamp Cork logo

Barcamp Cork Deux

Barcamp is coming to Cork in November. Over the past couple of years there have been several barcamp / creativecamp events throughout Ireland and we’ve been involved in some form or another with most of them (we may have missed out on one or two – I’m honestly not sure). If you’re interested in attending […]

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Irish Web Awards Tonight Good Luck To All Nominees

The first Irish Web Awards are being held tonight in Dublin, but due to circumstances beyond my control it looks like I won’t be attending. Damien has done a wonderful job putting the entire thing together and I know tonight will a great success. Hopefully the first of many! To all those shortlisted – well […]

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jellybeans - sent to our technical staff

Jelly Bean Overload

This morning our technical staff our chewing Jelly beans, courtesy of one of our clients. The rather large jar of jelly beans will probably last a day, but I’d be amazed if it lasted much longer! Technical support is a thankless job a lot of the time, so it’s always nice when a client not […]

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An illustration of an example IPv6 address

IPv6 Adoption?

Image via Wikipedia Leo Vegoda posted an interesting article today on CircleID about ipv6 deployment and adoption. While Leo admits that measuring ipv6 isn’t an exact science he was able to identify that the African region (AfriNIC) is announcing more ipv6 space than any of the other regions, including Europe. So what about Ireland? Sixxs […]

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