Silly Promotional Image

We could have come up with an Olympics’ themed special offer and launched it to coincide with the Olympic Games being held in London (best of luck to everyone by the way!).

But just about every company out there seems to have some kind of Olympics themed special .. and besides, we aren’t a sponsor or linked to the event in any way..

But today is the first day of the month, so we normally announce our latest special offers and discounts ..

Since Bert’s away and Squishy‘s busy celebrating his 5th birthday  we’ve resorted to some wonderfully original stock photography.

So what are our new specials?

If you head on over to our discounts and offers site you’ll be able to find most of our current offers on hosting and domain names, but there’s one that is absent (we announced it late last week to the podcast audience)

So what is it?

Grab a .co or .me domain name for free!

How? Order one of our Maximus hosting plans (either Linux or Windows Server 2008) for 1 year and you’ll be able to get a .co or .me domain name free for the first year.

NB: You need to order the hosting for 1 year AND the domain name at the same time

Of course the Maximus hosting plan might be a bit too big for your needs .. so with that in mind we’ve another discount offer that you can avail of ..

Order a Minimus annual hosting plan (Linux or Windows Server 2008) and get your .co or .me at a BIG reduction for the first year!

You’ll be able to get a .co domain name for 1 year for only €7.99 or a .me domain name for only €4.99 for the first year


Note: these offers only apply to new domain name registrations when ordered at the same time as an annual hosting plan.



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