One of the questions we get asked regularly by clients and potential clients is about which platform they should use.
So what’s the difference between windows and linux?
I could get into a lengthy discussion of open source vs. closed source software, but that wouldn’t help anyone make up their mind.
For a simple website with basic contact details and a few pages of content there is very little difference between the two.
It doesn’t matter whether you are using windows on your desktop PC or not, as the web server will be “serving” your content will not care.
What makes all the difference is when you go to do something more advanced with your website.
If, for example, you want to setup a blog (like this one) on your domain you will need special software and possibly a database to hold all the content.
While it is possible to use Perl, PHP and MySQL on windows server 2003 it is not possible to run ASP or on linux. So if you want to try out applications written in asp or you should get a windows 2003 hosting account, which will give you access to a range of technologies such as:

  • asp
  • Frontpage extensions
  • IIS
  • Access database support
  • Microsoft SQL server

We support both windows and linux for our hosting clients, so it’s simply a matter of letting us know which technologies you want to make use of.

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