We’re happy and proud to be a 100% Irish owned and operated company. We wouldn’t want to change that.

Unfortunately, however, a lot of our suppliers, in particular software vendors and domain name registries, operate in US dollars, while we operate in Euro.

Over the past few years the currency exchange rates between the Euro and the US Dollar have fluctuated quite a bit. We pay for a lot of things in US dollars, but most of our revenue is, obviously, in Euro so we have to convert our cost into Euro before pricing products and services.

For a long time we’ve been able to keep our pricing stable by soaking up some of the fluctuations when it went against us, but that’s not viable in the long term so we’re forced to increase some of our prices effective immediately.

What are you doing?

We’re increasing our retail prices on some domain extensions and other products and services

Why are you doing this?

Due to foreign exchange rates.

So how much of a price increase are we talking about?

In reality it’s not that much – roughly 10% which translates into less than €1 on a .com domain registration, transfer or renewal

Where can I check your current prices?

Our domain prices are here and our full price list is here


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