Dietmar Stefitz is our guest on the Blacknight Podcast today. He’s the organiser of Domaining Europe – now known as NamesCon Europe following its takeover earlier this month. Blacknight is a sponsor of the event.

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A native of Austria, Dietmar has lived for many years in Valencia, Spain. That was the home of the first Domaining Spain event in 2008, which developed into Domaining Europe over the years. Now for the tenth anniversary, the event returns to Valencia where it will take place this year from 7 to 9 June.

The essential character of the event is networking, Dietmar explains. It brings together people who work online, and they benefit greatly from the opportunity to meet in person.

“When you do business, you don’t do business with a company, you do business with a person, and when you know the person and you can call him up when you have a problem or something, or if an opportunity arises, then it’s very good to know these people”.

What’s the secret to a successful domainer conference? It’s all about the complete package.

“It’s like a table with four legs, usually. You have to have a very good venue; you have to have good speakers; you have to have good sponsors; and good attendees”

Dietmar has seen many changes in the domain industry, especially over the last ten years. It used to be easier to make a living from domain names without much effort. Nowadays things have become, of necessity, more professional.

“people made a good living from parking … the domainer was a very lazy person in the past – so now he has to work”

He’s excited about new developments in the domain industry, especially with a more professional approach to valuing and pricing domains. One of the speakers at NamesCon manages a portfolio of domain names using artificial intelligence, buying and selling without human interference.

The emergence of new generic Top-Level Domains has not provided an easy formula for domain success, he says.

“New gTLDs only have good value when they are developed”

NamesCon Europe takes place in Valencia, Spain from 7 to 9 June 2018.

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