Starting today and going for just one week, we’re having a FLASH SALE on all new .BLOG domain registrations at just €2.49 (1st year, ex-vat). The .BLOG normally goes for €24.99, so this is a huge savings on your first year.

This deal is valid from December 9th to December 16th. It’s only for the first year, after 1-year it will renew at the regular price of €24.99.

Blogs are ‘coming back.’ For a while, it seemed that blogs were going by the wayside as online publishing changed, but there’s been a resurgence as writers and media organisations launch subscription-based newsletters. There’s still a vibrant blogging community and reserving a .BLOG domain cements your place in that community.

Here are six reasons to register .BLOG!

It’s Yours

A .BLOG is yours. You’re probably saying, well, of course, a domain is mine when I buy it. Most blogging services, including WordPress, give you a sub-domain like ‘’. This domain is not yours. It’s their domain! With a .BLOG domain, you can use YOUR own domain on a wide variety of blogging services (or on your own self-hosted blog with Blacknight).

Wide Availability

While .BLOG is popular in the blogging community, the register base is much smaller than say a .COM domain name, this means that there are many more .BLOG domains available – with great keywords and combinations that aren’t registered elsewhere. It’s a great way to get a domain that you wouldn’t normally expect to get.

It’s Catchy

Everyone knows what a blog is these days. Having a .BLOG domain name feeds into the well-known zeitgeist and brand of blogging. And any online brand should reserve their trademarked brand in major domain spaces like this.

Easy to Remember is perfectly easy to remember and to put on a business card or contact page. People will not have a problem remembering it or searching for your name blog in a search engine – it’s SEO friendly because it’s right in the domain.

Run by bloggers

The .BLOG namespace is run by Automattic, who run and maintain WordPress. These people ‘get’ blogs and know how to work with the blogging community. There is no better steward to the blogging community than that. They have every reason to run the registry and the namespace well to keep blogs in the mainstream.

Perfect for Corporate Blogs

You’re on a .BLOG right now! Blacknight has been using its .BLOG domain for years now, and it works great for us. Since on most corporate websites, the blog is separate from the ‘regular’ website, having the .BLOG is great branding, showing your customers/clients what exactly the blog is and where to find it.

Ready to register your .BLOG domain? Then head on over to our .BLOG landing page or use the domain search box below.

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