If there’s one thing ‘general’ users of computer software hate, it’s changing for the sake of change. cPanel’s theme is changing, whether you like it or not.

This change has been in the works for a while now, and the change has not been popular with cPanel users. The old interface, Paper Lantern, hadn’t changed for quite some time, and it was very easy to use and navigate. See the example below.

Out with the old…

The new interface, Jupiter, was not as… good. Mostly because they opted to remove all the icons and go for a text-based menu design. The reaction from the cPanel community was swift and harsh – ‘regular’ everyday users needed the icons to be able to identify and find the things they were used to.

Thankfully, cPanel listened and put icons back into the new theme. But it’s still fundamentally different than the old theme. All the functions are still there, things just look different. It will take some getting used to. I’m on the fence about it myself. I liked it with more colour.

In with the new!

We just wanted to let any Blacknight cPanel users that this change is coming – we have no control over when it finally happens – and when it goes, you cannot go back to the old theme. No one has any choice in this matter (well, cPanel does, but they’ve committed to getting rid of the old theme rather than continuing to update it).

These changes will happen in cPanel version 108, which is due to be finalized in Q3/Q4. The current stable version is 102. You can switch to the new theme now if you haven’t been switched already. But later this year, the switch will happen without your action, and the old theme will be completely removed.

Full details on cPanel’s website.

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