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EclipseCam at Blacknight.Solar

  Ireland is experiencing a partial solar eclipse this morning, which will reach its peak at about 09:30 am. Here at Blacknight our amateur astronomers have set up a webcam, together with a telescope and filters and we’re anxiously peering at a cloudy sky … As ever in Ireland, it could all change in an instant, and we […]

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Speaking At SXSW On Privacy In A Digital World

Privacy is a topic that I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about over the last few years. Irish and EU law gives us certain rights. However a lot of non-EU businesses either do not understand what those rights are or simply refuse to acknowledge or respect them. When you sign up for an account […]

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Get A Slice Of London At A Price You Can Afford

Another day, another domain extension .. Today we’re delighted to announce the availability of .london domain names. That’s right. The city of London has its very own domain extension. And why wouldn’t it? With a population of over 8 million people it’s bigger than a lot of countries (including Ireland!). If you’re doing business in […]

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Sharing Experiences In Amman

Next week the Middle East DNS Forum is being held in Amman, Jordan. Its’ the second time the event has been held and I’m delighted to have been asked to speak at it. I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled “New gTLDs: Experiences, and the Way Forward” which will bring together registrars and registries of […]

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Marketing The Farm TLD

We’ve been experimenting a little in-house with different imagery and concepts to market some specific domain name extensions. As an Irish company whose offices are literally surrounded by fields (well not entirely surrounded by fields, but I can see horses from my office window) the .farm TLD is an obvious domain extension for us to […]

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