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Dot IE Market Share

Press Release: Blacknight Lead the Market on .IE Domains – Growth Even in Difficult Economic Climate

We put out another press release earlier this morning in relation to .ie domain names. Domain sales and growth are always a good thing, but overthinking the reasons can lead to the media getting some rather odd views of how things work .. Here it is below: Blacknight lead the Market on .IE Domains Annual […]

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2 Years of .co domain names

Happy Birthday .Co!

The guys in .co are celebrating 2 years in operation today. When they launched they had no idea how well they might do, but they’ve been incredibly successful in a short period of time. And to underline that they ran a pretty cool marketing campaign around flying pigs Their infographic highlights some of their achievements, […]

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Meet The Blacknight Twitter Team

Meet the Blacknight Twitter team

  Hot on the heels of yesterdays announcement we decided to have a bit of fun and well it has been a while since we last did a “meet the team” style post so why not try to inject a bit of humour into things on this Tuesday morning. We’ve been incredibly busy the […]

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WordPress spreadsheet

Keep your site up to date

No we’re not talking about keeping your site up to date with new content. In this post I’m talking about keeping the software you’re running your site on up to date and it’s not a new topic on the blog for us. I’ll mainly be talking about WordPress (which is at 3.4.1) but it’s the […]

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Save big on .cat domain registration

Press Release: Blacknight Announce .CAT Super Summer Kickoff Promotion – The clock is ticking on big domain savings

July 4th, Carlow, Ireland – Blacknight are starting summer off by letting the .CAT out of the bag. Award winning Irish domain registrar Blacknight (  is running a super summer promotion on .CAT domains. The promotion runs on a first come, first served basis as the next 300 .cat domain names to be registered via […]

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Changes are afoot - domain pricing tweaks

Domain Pricing Changes Are Afoot

We’ve always been pretty aggressive about our domain pricing strategy. Over the last couple of years we’ve barely touched our pricing on new domain registrations and transfers, but have been running many of them at a deep discount. Most of the domain registries operate in US dollars, while we operate in the Euro zone. So […]

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