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leap year discount

Leap Year Special

Leap years are quite special. Here in Ireland there’s a tradition that it’s the one day (every 4 years) when women can ask men to marry them.. Though actually getting married on this day isn’t considered lucky .. BUT If you haven’t signed up with us for hosting, then today is your lucky day Use […]

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Altmail Blacknight

Changes to webmail

You may have gone to the Blacknight homepage today and clicked the Webmail link at the top of the page and see that it’s taking you to a slightly different subdomain. Normally it takes you to and now it’s taking you to This was intentional as we’re trying to get more people using […]

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Making the most of IIA membership

Making The Most Of IIA Membership

The following is a guest post from the Irish Internet Association’s (IIA) CEO Joan Mulvihill. We’ll be speaking to Joan later this week on the podcast as well. I was a member of a gym for years and I used to go around four times a week…low and behold, I got to know the […]

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Bert announces the winner of the Xbox

Did You Win The Xbox?

When we launched our Xbox 360 giveaway a couple of weeks ago we honestly did not know if people would be interested in it or not..We thought it would be fun, but would you? Well you obviously were, as we’ve seen a lot of interest from people and received over 10 thousand entries!!! Now that […]

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Bert tries poetry for Valentine's Day

Say It With Flowers .. Or Maybe A Domain?

Next week is Valentine’s Day.. so why settle for boring old flowers that wilt or chocolates that melt (and are full of calories)? Why not go for a proper gift – a nice new personal domain name! Bert likes the idea, and since he’s a big bad dragon (though probably cuter than most) we thought […]

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Security Issues

Normally we blog about pretty much all news we have – both good news and bad news. This morning, however, we felt it prudent to take a slightly different route and emailed our clients directly before publishing anything anywhere else. As has been covered in the media today we had a security issue which led […]

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Keep Calm And Read On

Calm Reasoned Dialogue Helps

The last week or so has been “interesting” to say the least. (Last time round it was only a couple of days. …. now it’s stretched to a week) It’s also been incredibly busy, which is why I’m only getting round to posting this now and even now I doubt that anything I post will […]

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