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ICANN Lisbon 2007

ICANN Lisbon

I’ll be heading off to Lisbon in the morning to represent Blacknight at the ICANN meeting. It should be an interesting few days, especially in light of recent developments with XXX, ccTLDs, the launch of .asia and a whole lot more. A number of people who were at Domain Fest in LA earlier this year […]

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Patrick’s Weekend 2007

This weekend is a long weekend in Ireland, as it’s St Patrick’s day on Saturday. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, just in case you didn’t know. In time honoured tradition the entire nation of Ireland will be celebrating a collective hangover on Monday. In order for this to be practical we have […]

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What is a maintenance window?

Sometimes people misunderstand the emails we send them. In some cases this is due to our (ab)use of the English language, whereas in others it’s simply a case of the language / terminology / jargon being susceptible to confusion. One such instance is that of “maintenance windows”. They seem to cause a lot of worry […]

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