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IEDR Wants YOUR Input! Should An Aftermarket For IE Domains Be Allowed?

Over the past year or so I’ve been involved with the IEDR’s Policy Advisory Committee along with representatives from other registrars, the Irish government and a variety of other stakeholder organisations. So far we’ve been working our way through a number of policy changes that have been on the table for some time. Some of the […]

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MeetDomianers 2011

Tydzień temu, w warszawskim hotelu Polonia odbyła się kolejna edycja imprezy MeetDomainers. Nie było to jednak tylko spotkanie branży domenowej, wiele z wystąpień poświęconych było inwestowaniu, od startupów internetowych czy technologicznych, po tematy – wydawać by się mogło – zupełnie odległe.

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aftermarket domain auctions Sells For 35k

I’ve mentioned TRAFFIC Down Under a couple of times over the last few weeks – mainly because I wish I was there! (More on my personal domain blog admittedly!) Yesterday’s main event was the auction which you could have followed live online. Why do I mention it? Well unlike a lot of the other […]

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